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10 Advantages for Children collecting Silly Bandz
The latest fad to hit the children's toy market is the Silly Band.  Silly Bandz are silicone bracelets made from non toxic silicone, and coloured (with dyes), these moulds are then shaped in to different groups of objects and characters.
In this modern day and age, our children seem to be growing up at a quicker rate then ever before. This is why it is nice to see a craze that allows them to be children, whereas the baby doll craze was essentially trying to make children into early adults.
There are many advantages for the children who collect Silly Bandz, let's take a look just a few of them:
1.      There are shapes to suit everyone's taste. Whether your child likes unicorns, animals, monsters, soldiers, sports or anything else, there will be a Silly Bandz that your children can enjoy.
2.      They are cheap to buy, you will usually be able to pick a packet up for around $6 for a pack of 24, and this means parents are not going to go broke quickly, unlike some other fads.
3.      They have many fashionable uses. They can be worn as wrist bands, ankle bracelets, hair ties and they can even be worn on a chain.
4.      A big plus for school children is that they are unisex. Many crazes such as trading cards (predominately aimed at boys) and baby dolls (aimed at girls) segregate boys and girls, even if this is not their intention, on the other hand, Silly Bandz can be used by everybody, and this is one of the reasons why they are so popular.
5.      Another great thing about Silly Bandz is that they always revert back to their original shape after being stretched, bent or twisted.
6.      They come in many eye-catching colours, which add to their popularity.
7.      When going out at night Silly Bandz has a range of bandz that glow in the dark, this can add a cool special effect, you could also stick them to your walls in the dark and watch them glow.
8.      Children, who are selling or trading them, get practical lessons in business management and financial planning, this really is a bonus!
9.      Silly Bandz encourage lateral thinking, children will always want to find more uses for them, and they have all ready started showing examples of this.
10.  It helps children who are naturally shy, to interact with other children. On a level that is not so personnel. Through this interaction children will naturally form friendships. This is one of the most important reasons that Silly Bandz have to offer, development of friendships is a huge benefit of Silly Bandz.
As you can see from the many reasons above, there are plenty of reasons why Silly Bandz are successful and will continue to be. Silly Bandz are a good, fun and healthy way to pass the time for children of all ages. If you think about it, it is no different to the collection crazes that came through schools when you attended.
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