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7 Different Ways to Use Your Silly Bands
Silly Bands are a fantastic collector's item for children of all ages. The inventor of Silly Bands has taken an everyday common item (the elastic band), and re designed it into a collector's item. The developer has also made Silly Bands that come in every colour and shape imaginable. Silly Bands are made of a durable silicone material that returns to its shape when they are not in use. They are also 100% non toxic.
Using Silly Bands to make different items is an enjoyable activity to do with your children. There are a number of different things you can do with Silly Bands. Below I have described 7 uses for them:
Wrist Band - One of the most common uses. Children usually wear as many as they can fit on both wrists. Children sometimes wear them in a colour order or just place them on their wrists randomly. Some also group them into themes.
• Anklets - These you use in the same manner as the bracelets. A marvellous idea is to put the Silly Bands around your ankle and then loop it around your big toe. Just make sure you do not cut off the circulation to your toe!
• Necklaces - Instead of a having just a pendant you can hang some Silly Bands on a chain.
• Hair Accessories- Silly Bandz makes perfect hair ties. They do not stretch out of shape, this means they will last longer than normal hair ties and look much more colourful. Why not have a string of Silly Bands hanging from a hair clip? To do this put the first one on the hair clip and then attach the others to that one. You can make these chains as long as you like.
• Elastic - Do not forget that Silly Bands can be used for all the normal elastic band functions such as keeping paper or other items held together.
• Baby Mobiles- Use an assortment of Silly Bands to make a great mobile for your baby to watch while lying in the cot. You could hang a string of them from the mobiles arms. The best thing to do is get the glow in the dark Silly Bands this way your toddler will keep themselves entertained before falling to sleep.
• Decorating you room - Placing Silly Bands on the ceiling or the walls is a terrific way to add excitement to a room. The ones that glow in the dark are enjoyable for children who have a fear of the dark. You can even use them as curtain ties, and if you have a dull lamp stand, you could cover it with an assortment of Silly bands.
I hope that this article helps your use your Silly Bands to their full potential. The only thing that limits what you can do with your Silly Bands is your imagination, and this article should give you a push in the right direction. I am sure with a little thought and planning you will come up with even better ideas.
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