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Fashion silly bands

You maybe have heard that the hottest and new fashion accessory or the past few years are the silly bands, and mostly animal rubber bands.

Children all over the world are simply going crazy lately over these silly bands. These animal rubber bands are usually made from silicone and die which is molded in quite many shapes. They are different animal rubber bands pets like zoo animals, sea creatures and other different pets, and they are able to return to their original shape once you take them off. These silly bands are usually coming in a pack of 24 pieces, different color and different shapes. You can find them sometimes available in alphabet shapes. They can be collected, they can be trade it with your friends or you can just wear them.

Multicolored silicone bracelets also come in different shapes, from sea creatures to cowboys or zoo animals. You might notice that on your wrist, they tend to look kind of like regular bracelets. When they are usually being removed, they tend to take their original shape. If you can get at your local store at the right time, you might actually be able to find this new hard-to-find fashion accessory. They are usually available in several stores, even Walmart.

Every children from preschool to high school, usually come in their every afternoon, to add new ones to their collections. They usually search through all the packages, which are available at $2.99 (12 bracelets), just to look for the ones which have the most variety. Of course, there are some shapes which are very rare, like hedgehog, and thus they are usually more valuable.

You might ask yourself what usually children do with all these silly bands? Some of the children are simply playing games with them. If one can actually guess the shape or color correctly, then the owner must accept a trade from the other children.

The quantity of one pack 24 pieces, for example, contains 4 pieces of 6 different shapes. The 6 different shapes usually are:

- Crown;
- Castle;
- BallGown;
- StarWand;
- Slipper;
- Ring

These silly bandz are easy to be traded. You can wear them and even just collect them.
Besides all these they are very helpful in holding things together and once the job is done, they will return their original shape ready to be used again once you need them.

Shapes like "Princess shape" are very fun for smaller children. As a parent you can just bring the fun in a home by using these clever shaped rubber bands. They usually tend to look and even behave like ordinary rubber bracelets15:31:27 when are being stretched, and once being removed from whatever they have been used for, they will instantly get back to their original size and shape. They can be used for wrapping presents and gifts and they make a good "effort" for a great gift at parties. They are also one of the favorite "tools" of the magicians.

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