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From Rubber Bands to Silly Bands
Silly Bands has fast grown into the must have accessory for children, teenagers, and even adults of all ages. Parents who hear the term Silly Bandz may think there is a new rock band around! This could not be further from the truth. From your child's first Silly Band purchase, to the time when they are scattered all over your lounge floor, you will probably still think they are colourful shaped elastic bands, but to children it is the new craze that is silly bands.

Some information on Silly Bands:

They are elastic bands, but they are composed of non toxic silicone and coloured with non toxic dye. These bands are moulded into thousands of different shapes.

The colours that they come in are extremely eye-catching and look terrific when worn either alone or with a number of other Silly Bands.

They come in a huge variety of shapes that are linked to a theme. You can get Silly Bands in animal shapes, as well as cars, sports, planets, fighters, letters, cowboys and even glow in the dark Silly Bands.

Children can buy them in packs which range in size (12 - 24). They are affordable, so children can buy them with their pocket money. For a pack of 24, you will be paying somewhere around $6.

Silly Bands has moved on amazingly in their first year in the market. Silly Bandz are one of those unexplainable crazes that have taken the world by storm. This is undoubtedly due to the wide variety of themes.

Children are trading them with each other for other bandz or anything else. They are also playing games where the prize is a Silly Band, and also giving them to their good friends and loved ones as gifts. For some teenagers, they have even become "lucky bandz!" One teenager is quoted as saying if I do not have my Silly Band there is a decent chance it is going to be an unlucky day.

A gift idea:

-         Link about 10 Silly Bands together with a metal clasp on each side.

-         Attach a dog tag, with an enclosed message at one end. For example, Best Daughter in the World.

-         On the other end attach a key ring.

You now have yourself a trendy inexpensive gift, which children and adults alike will love.

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