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Hot and Fashion silly bands

The newest fashion for young girls are silly bands, it is said that maybe even more than Barbie dools or Zhu Zhu Pets at that time.

Silly Bands are not more than some rubber type of wristbands, that usually coming in a different colors, shape and sizes.

This new fashion accessory it was actually being sold in many stores all over the East Coast and it was expected to be spread very quickly in all of the United States, and the whole globe even.

Silly Bands are usually being made from silicone rubber and are being formed into a variety of different shapes from zoo animals to dinosaurs, from princesses to alphabet shapes or even sports shapes etc.

The great thing about these bands is that they have the ability to return to their original shape once they have been removed from your wrist, or after they have completed their task in case you have used them to help you holding things together or for whatever other purpose you might used them for.

But usually girls are not using silly bands to tie up their piggy-tails or whatever. Silly Bands have become in no time one of the hottest fashions in collecting things among girls up to a certain age. Girls have become very enthusiastic over them and started soon to wear more than one at a time, while they were looking to always getting new ones by trading them with their friends.

But not everyone likes these bands. Educators and teachers have had to ban these kind of accessories from schools because they were distracting children in the classroom. Kind of the same thing happened with the Pokemon Trading Card phenomena. There are certain young girls who just do not know when it is time to read a book and the time to play dress-up.

These silly bandz can be purchased from internet. They can be bought in packs of 24 pieces of different shapes and colors. They are also being sold in your local stores for kind of the same price (maybe less the shipping charges).

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