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Parents and Silly Bands
It is official! The craze of Silly bands has arrived. Silly Bands are a novelty item that most adults would glance at and wonder, "What is wrong with the old rubber bracelets" ?
Unless you have children, nieces, nephews or grand children, you would probably not give Silly Bands a second look.
However, you just need to spend time with your children, and watch their animated faces as they discuss their day which involved trading their Silly Bands. This will give you one amazing reason why Silly Bands are worth buying.
As they proudly display all shapes and colours they have managed to collect, across the lounge floor, a little tingle of real interest starts to grow within you. Before you know it, you will be as involved as they are.
If you decide to get into helping your children collect Silly Bands, here are a few facts:
Shop owners are reporting such a demand for Silly Bands that they cannot keep up with the orders. In some shops, it is so severe that on Saturdays they often find parents lining up at their shop doors.
Silly Bands are made of a non toxic silicone polymer, which has been made into a large range of figures, which come in separate packs. There are well over 1000 different shapes of Silly Bands. These all come in a variety of colours. You can even buy ones that glow in the dark.
They have no set gender, so both boys and girls can collect them. Boys will enjoy shapes such as the car, soldier and sports characters. While girls will collect the fantasy, flowers and symbols. There are also animals and dragons which will be a favourite of both boys and girls.
The ages of children collecting them range from preschool through to collage. Younger children collect them for their eye catching shapes and colours. Collage goers; collect them to make a statement, either about themselves or something else they might want to get across.
Children use Silly Bands in the most surprising ways. For adults, it may be hard to comprehend two or three uses for Silly Bands, but children's imaginations run wild, and this means they come up with some crazy uses which keep them entertained for hours on end.
Children use them as gifts to give to their friends and families. If you are lucky enough to get one as a present then make sure you look at the shape and see what it may symbolise. A six year old girl gave her mum a magic wand, as her daughter told her it was because her mum had magical abilities because she was always able to make everyone happy.
Some children have been known to wear as many as 50 Silly Bands at one time!
When it comes to trading, there are rules that have been created by children. One of these rules is if you break someone else's Silly Bands, you replace it with two of yours.
It is astonishing how one commonly used item can be remade into something that had become so valuable to children.
So that is a few of the facts, now back to that tingle of interest you felt. The only advice I can give you is this; unfortunately, you will have to live this craze through your children, as the people at work will more than likely not trade with you, but you can always ask! Yours will more than likely have to be a secret passion. Although, a few celebrities have been seen wearing them, so why not join in the craze!
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