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Silly Bandz-Why they are not just for kids
Silly Bandz is fast turning from a kids craze into a teen and adult collector's item. As with most trends, you always get a number of adults that join the craze, for whatever reason. They may just like the item, or it may just make them feel young again.
Silly Bandz, if you have not had the pleasure of hearing about them or seeing them adorn a child's arm (up to 50 per arm is not unheard of), are silicone wristbands with strong but elastic properties that have been dyed and moulded to represent an object, a holiday, animal or character. They have the remarkable ability to revert to their original shape when taken off. On the arm, they just look like colourful wavy elastic band. That is part of their appeal, you do not know what Silly Bandz you are wearing until it is removed and springs back into its shape. Children and adults alike find this fascinating.
Parents are as fully committed to this Silly Bandz craze as children, to line up in front of the shops that sell them, just to make sure they get a pack for their children, now that is dedication.
Amongst teenagers the Rock Bands are hugely popular at the moment. Teenagers are wearing Rock Bandz to let other teenagers know what instrument they play, this is another great conversation starter.
Another reason this craze is so popular among adults is because there are not a lot of parents that disapprove about this craze, this is because this is a highly practical craze, and it also brings about face to face interaction among children. In a digital world, parents love to see their children interact with other children instead of sitting at a computer.
Some music stars like Taylor Swift have been spotted wearing Silly Bandz. This is leading to increased popularity especially amongst teenage girls.
Silly Bandz even have a new buttons range, and will also soon be selling shirts that will help carry the brand Silly Bandz in a different way. It looks like Silly Bandz (the company) are naturally expanding to fit in some of the older generation.
For adults Silly Bandz has been used as a quirky office accessory, which takes the dullness out of binding things together. They can be used for scrape booking or just a fun addition to a letter. Regardless of your age, it is not too late to enjoy Silly Bandz.
Many Teenagers have been seen wearing them because they are becoming increasingly popular, as mentioned before celebrities have been seen with them on, and some teenagers even use them as convocation starters or pick up lines. Many adults also wear them because their kids give them as presents, now it is not pleasant if you receive a present and do not wear it! So this is the reason (I mean excuse!) that most adults use when wearing their variation of Silly Bandz. As you can see Silly Bandz is not just a sensation of kids, they are quickly turning into a sensation for teenagers and adults too.
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