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Silly Bandz-Why they will last longer than other fads
Crazes have been coming and going for as things have been invented. The first massive craze was when Walt Disney started making Disney characters. Every year there seems to be a new craze. They usually only last only a few weeks to a few months, but the intensity in which they are collected never ceases to amaze anyone. When crazes come about they usually go out of fashion just as quickly as they came into popularity. There is no gradual phasing out; they are in one day and out the next. A lot of crazes do keep making a comeback, from generation to generation. Such as marbles and yoyo's, but they never become a full blown craze.
The most recent craze to hit the child community is Silly Bandz. Silly Bandz is silicone based rubber bracelets that have evolved to the masses. They also comply with the non toxic laws governing children's toys.
Silly Bandz are not just random shapes, they are grouped into different themes. The themes are; Wild West, fantasy, rock bandz, dinosaurs, zoo animals, alphabet letters, sea animals, baseball, princess, pets, rain forest and many other basic shapes. As you can see they cater to all tastes and both male and female trends. This makes them equally sort after by boys and girls.
The main appeal, that Crazy Bandz hold, is their ability to look like ordinary wavy elastic when worn, but they revert to their shape when removed. This makes it a fun guessing game for children, with the prize being (guess what) a Silly Bandz if guessed correctly. They are affordable and are available at many stores, so they are easily obtained.
With a lot of imagination Crazy Bandz can be remade into many different fashion accessories.
Belts -- You will need between 15 and 40 Silly Bandz depending on your waist size. Connect them together till you have a long enough train to wrap around your waist. If you want you can have a few Silly Bandz dangling at the end.
Earrings -- Attach one or more Silly Bandz to a metal earring hook, leave them to dangle separately, plat them or even twist them together.
Anklets -- Join Silly Bandz together and wrap them around your ankle.
Hair bands -- Silly Bandz bring a particularly attractive and new style to braids. As hair ties, they are significant because they are flexible and strong.
Necklaces -- Some people have taken to wearing them on chains around their necks.
Bracelets -- Silly Bandz main use is as a wrist band. There is no restriction to how many you can wear at a time and all the colours together are truly eye catching.
This Silly Bandz craze has been around since early-mid 2009, and looks set to remain for a long time. It will last a lot longer than other crazes, and this is due to their use as fashion accessories, whereas with other "crazes" they fade in and out because they have no lasting use, and this is why Silly Bandz will be around for years to come.
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