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Silly Bandz
What are Silly Bandz? Well in the dictionary Silly is defined as lacking seriousness, or given to frivolity, Bandz is a totally new addition to the English language, starting from today!
First of all let's take a look at the name; Silly Bandz is a great name for this product as they are both silly and a band! Silly Bandz are a silicone based non toxic product, moulded into a variety of shapes. Their functionality is questionable. Essentially they are rubber bracelets, but with a twist. You know - those things we use to hold other things together so as not to lose them.
Now ask a child what they are? Make yourself a cup of coffee as this conversation may take a while.
Silly Bandz are the coolest product around today. They come in so many different shapes and colours. They are grouped into different themes, such as, animals, sports, soldiers and so on.
You can trade them at school or win them with new fangled games. One of these games is where you have to guessing the correct shape. If you guess correctly you win that one for your collection.
See what's so fascinating about Silly Bandz is regardless of what you do to them they return to their original shape, when placed flat on a surface. When your Silly Bandz are on your wrist they look like cool wavy coloured elastic bands, also, while on your wrist you have no idea what shape they are.
The best aspect of Silly Bandz are their price as they are extremely cheap, you cannot buy the bands in singles (yet) but if you could it would cost you around 15 cents a band, this is why they are so popular today.
They have a number of uses:
• You can give them to friends and family as presents. The shape you give can hold a meaning.
• You can use them as accessories. They can be wristbands, anklets or hair ties. There is no limit to the amount you can wear at once.
• Silly Bandz can of course be used in the traditional manner, to tie things together.
• You can also flick Silly Bandz at people, there is another "school rule" that states the person that gets the silly band flicked at them gets to keep it, which makes sense!
• Make some pocket money selling Silly Bandz at school.
You can make unusual items with them:
• They can be attached to earring hooks, and made into dangly earrings.
• You can attach a number of them to your key chain, bringing a unique look to your set of keys.
• You can place a multitude of different Silly Bandz around lamp bases to make them look more attractive.
• Try making a belt with them, this uses quite a lot of Silly Bandz, but looks remarkably effective.
Silly Bandz uses for parents:
• Inexpensive present, you should be able to find a pack of 24 for under $6.
• Bribery!
• Wear them! (Yes there have been many cases where the parent may have stolen a few from their children to wear!)
As you can see they are not just pretty rubber bracelets. They are a fun, functional, and a fascinating object, which are very reasonably priced.
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