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Silly Bandz - What shapes are there
Silly Bandz come in lots of shapes. Hopefully this list will help you in your search for your perfect Silly Bandz:
Dinosaur Silly Bandz - T-Rex, Velociraptor, Brontosaurus, Triceratops.
Zoo Animal Silly Bandz - Giraffe, hippopotamus, elephant, rhinoceros, ostrich.
Alphabet Silly Bandz - Capital letters all 26
Sea Animal Silly Bandz - Dolphin, shark, sea horse, seal, penguin, fish.
Spring Silly Bandz - Potted flower, umbrella, bee, kit, butterfly, baby chick.
Fantasy Silly Bandz - Phoenix, unicorn, mermaid, winged dragon, fairies.
Baseball Silly Bandz - Pitcher, batter, baseball cap, home plate, baseball bat.
Princess Silly Bandz - Castle, wand, shoe, crown, ring.
Rock Silly Bandz - guitar, drum set, microphone, guitar player, rock sign, hand rock sign.
Basic Silly Bandz - sun, heart, dollar sign, star, girl, bones.
Western Silly Bandz - Horse and cowboy, cowboy hat, cowboy boots, sheriff star, bull horns.
Pet Silly Bandz - Dog, cat, rabbit, pig, duck.
Rain forest Silly Bandz - Tree frog, gorilla, orang-utan, lizard, parrot.
A description of Silly Bandz are and some of their uses.
There have been many rumours as to where Silly Bandz originated from, all we really know is they originated in Birmingham, Alabama, and the main online retailer on the Internet is the retailer Brainchild Products. Their popularity progressively increased in 2009, and they are a favourite with children of all ages.
They are made with a non toxic silicone material and coloured. One of their many attractions is when they are on your wrist they look like a wavy rubber bracelet, but revert to their original shape when they are removed.
Silly Bandz come in a variety of packet sizes ranging from 10-24, each one of these packets comes with some of the shapes listed above and in a variety, in each Silly Band packet you do not know what you are going to get, and this adds an element of variety to a pack, and also an extra added element of excitement.
Silly Bandz are used in a number of ways.
***  They can be worn as a fashion accessory and as they are small there really is no limit on the amount that can be worn at one time.
***  You can use Silly Bandz as hair ties, earrings by attaching the Silly Bandz to an earring clasp.
***  You can attach them to necklaces.
***  Use them as wall decorations in the bedroom or as key chain ornaments.
***  Last but not least, you can use them as conventional elastics. With a bit of imagination (especially from kids) you can come up with many more uses for Silly bandz.
On a slightly more negative note, I would like to end this article with a word of caution. There are many imitation bands out there that are cheaper than Silly Bandz, but the few I have bought have broken easily and not returned to their shape as well as Silly Bandz. To stop this, make sure the packet says Silly Bandz on it, and has authentic packaging, you can always tell if the product is an imitator when looking at the packet.
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