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Silly Bandz the newest craze in town
Following on from the likes of Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, and Ben 10 is hard for anything, these are some of the latest crazes that you will more than likely realise. Well guess what, Silly Bandz is the newest craze around, and there is something rather different about this fad compared to other crazes that you may see on the high street.
In case you do not know what Silly Bandz are, they are moulded silicone wrist bands. Originally they where only made into the shapes of animals, but now can be found in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. With Silly Bandz you can bend, twist and stretch them and they will return to their regular size and shape.
Silly Bands are so much more straightforward and cost effective than many of the other crazes around. Some of you will know just how expensive it is to buy pack after pack of trading cards, but with Silly Bandz the price represents value for money! Silly Bandz come in packs of 12, 24 and 36 and for those packs you will be spending around $3, $5 and $7 respectively. Now you can understand why Silly Bandz are so popular in terms of money, you will realise that this is so much cheaper than other crazes.
Un-like other fad's which have been designed for just boys or girls, Silly Bands are for both boys and girls. This makes them especially popular in schools, as they can be easily traded and swapped between both boys and girls, where as other sensations (such as trading cards) where mostly aimed at boys.
Silly Bandz are not limited to age either, unlike some trading cards which are viewed as childish, Silly Bands are nothing like this. You will often see adults wearing the latest Silly Bandz, even if they do not admit it!
The reason why Silly Bandz have become so popular so quickly, is because they are so much different to any other fad, and they also have the longevity factor as well. Trading cards can get easily bent/damaged, but the main selling point of Silly Bandz is their durability. When was the last time you saw anything like this? Yu-Gi-Oh cards did not take off as well as Pokemon cards because Pokemon was the original trading card game, and this rule applies for the Silly Bandz as well, they are truly the first of their kind.
Due to Silly Bandz rapid growth there are also many places where you can discuss your latest purchases, or your latest discovery on the Internet. You can actively contribute to a number of blogs on various websites, or there is even a facebook fan page dedicated to everything about Silly Bandz.
It is not hard to see why Silly Bands are the latest craze. Younger children will like them for their bright colours and designs, children in middle school will like them because they are the newest sensation, and adults will enjoy them because they are fashionable and trendy.
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