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The Crazy Phenomena of Silly Bands

No matter if you name them Silly Bands or Crazy Bandz you can be certain of one sure thing, and that is children are still going like crazy over these colorful silly bands!

Pretty often we probably hear about how young ones tend to twist a fun item into something that is not such a desirable thing to watch. We hear this and we are usually having negative thoughs about these situations. But with these rubber band bracelets, all seems to be good and fun to watch. Children all over the world are trading them or collecting them, share them or wear them.

Even the well-known New York Times had an interesting article about these crazy silly bands, and they have called them "The Bracelets that Spring Off the Shelves". And we think about this for one second it is very true as stores usually are having a hard time keeping these bandz in stock and children are literally craving them. Another great thing with these bracelets is the low prices of them. For only a small amount of money, these rubber bracelets are making all the difference from the world for the young ones.

Another fact that outlines why really these silicone rubber wristbands have became an extraordinary phenomena is that they were banned from classrooms for the simple reason that they were a distraction for the children, but still this new trend is growing by the day. Many school, these days, have actually allowed them, but there are some schools which are still banning trades of silicone bracelets between children. There are also some schools which are using these plain silicone bracelets as fundraisers, and there are teachers which dole them out as rewards for good behaviour.

In South Florida, United States, there is a principal that has actually banned them out of May 5th and these silly bands will most likely be confiscated if we are to trust the Sun-Sentinel Omni Middle School from Boca Raton.

"These silly bandz have given me headaches around campus and have become a risk concern in quite a number of ways as well." said the principal, PJ D`Aoust in an e-mail which was sent to the children's parents.

But still this decision have not changed much as the children are putting them now around their ankles so they cannot be caught.

Facebook has a fan page for Silly Bands which has an increase in members of over 140,000 people, most of them very young. The animal craze for these kind of silicone rubber bands has literally gone mad! Monkey shapes are considered to be to most popular and hard to get silly bands if we are to trust kids' opinions. This shape is the highest ranking to trade.

An alert message for the parent which have grooved in the 80's, be careful, as probably Disco Bandz will soon come. Wouldn't this be a great way to introduce your children to your Saturday Night Fever?

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