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The Funny of Silly Bands
There were very few people who thought that Silly Bands, these little silicone wrist bands so different in shapes, colors and sizes, will become one of the hottest new fashions among children, teens and even college students. And although all these rubber bracelets are without any doubt the most popular "toys" for many, there are also others that wonder just what is "all the fuss" about?

At first, these Silly Bands were actually silicone wrist bands that were made in different shapes. The original shapes were usually in the form of animals, but now they are also in shapes of celebrating seasons or holidays. Some of the packs also include Rockbandz, Princess, Fantasy, Zoo Animals, Glow, Baseball and many others.

Most of the packs come in 12 and 24 pieces, and because the cost is not as expensive as you might think, they are easily available to the public of different ages. There are also available 36 packs of Silly bands in the shape of alphabet letters and they are selling for less than $7.

These kind of wristbands are not only appealing to boys, but to girls also, as they can be not only collected, but they can be traded as well. A child can become very creative when using them as a toy by twisting and stretching them in various shapes like bow ties. Children are usually able to send messages to their friends with the alphabet letters shaped from these bracelets, and all of these bracelets will return to their original size when they are relaxed.

Silly Bands has also a facebook page where all the fans in the whole world can come together and share their experiences, their collections and can even offer to trade them. This page is also the source of informations about the newest designs, and the newest stores in certain areas and collectors are also able to order these kind of rubber band bracelets online from QualityBands.com.

With all these kind of different shapes and color, with all these various styles and creative new designs, along as well with the excitement of collecting them and also trading them, there is not much of a question about what is "all this fuss" about when we are talking about these small silicone wrist bands which are usually called Silly bands. With knowing all these, is very now very easy to understand why these bracelets are so popular among children of almost any ages.

Although they are very fragile and they are easy to be broken, these disadvantages were not noticed. Other positive facts like the one that they can glow in the dark seem far more interesting to the average kid.

It might seem strange to you, but even college students are getting silly over these. And this is not usually because they can be used as regular bands just for holding together things. They can also be used for book markers, gift wrapping, necklaces or wristbands. Using your imagination will only let you discover new ways for their usage.

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