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The ever increasing popularity of Silly Bandz
The seeming overnight appearance of Silly Bandz has come as a surprise to many, since their origin, there has been an ever increasing demand for Silly Bandz worldwide, but where exactly did it all come from and why are they now so popular?
For those of you that do not know what Silly Bandz are, they are silicone based elastic wristbands that come in all different shapes and sizes. Their main selling point is if you stretch, twist or bend them, then they will return to their regular shape and size.
Silly Bandz originated in late 2008, from Birmingham Alabama (United States), and have been growing in popularity ever since. Early on, the only place you could find them was on a small boutique in a mall in Birmingham, apart from that you only would have found imitators around, however, as the demand was so strong; you can now find local and Internet stockists of Silly Bandz all around.
Why are they so popular?
The reason why Silly Bandz are so popular is that there is a lot you can do with them, trade them, wear them, play with them, use them to replace elastic bands, use them as fashion accessories, and so on, the list is endless.
They are extremely popular amongst children and teenagers alike in fact, you may even see adults wearing them. Silly Bandz is not a trend only followed by kids, teenagers wear them in school, and adults wear them at work (when the boss is not watching!). As Silly Bandz are not only defined to one age group, this raises popularity, as there are more open markets for the product.
They are also an extremely inexpensive product, you will do well to find a craze that has a better use to price ratio. Unlike other crazes where the product was overpriced due to demand, you will not find the same demand to price ratio here.
There are so many different shapes and colours. Regardless of your interests, Silly Bandz will have a shape that interests you, from animals to fantasy, from cars to sports, there is bound to be a shape that you like.
They are so popular because nobody wants to be the odd one out. If you have five friends and they all have Silly Bandz, then it is not going to be long before you have them too! Because they are inexpensive you can have them sooner rather than later.
They are also remarkably comfortable. When wearing silly bandz you cannot feel them on your wrist. With some other bands you will find that they dig in or leave marks on your skin, which can be extremely uncomfortable, but with Silly Bandz you will not feel them, nor will they leave a mark.
With all of these points, it is not hard to see why Silly Bandz are growing in popularity and quickly at that, soon you will find it hard to go anywhere without seeing somebody sporting the latest silly band, be it an adult or a child!
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