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Understanding The Baics of Silly Bands - part II

Similar to Silly Bands, all of the retail bandz or anyway, most of them are basic shapes which include packages with pet animal shapes, dinosaur shapes, beach shapes, or sport shapes. But Mr. Lewis also thinks that his licensed silicone bracelets will still be noticeable along with the racks of evident Janes. But that is at any time retailers will be able to store them in stock. He thinks that the licensed variations are more attractive already.

And also the Disney and Marvel Bandz have already begin to be noticeable over the internet. In a response to the Disney Parks' April blog post, Debbie, mother of two from New York wrote:"One of my daughters is always getting very enthusiastic whenever is thinking of Disney-shaped rubber band bracelets. Where we live they are the most popular."

CEO Forever Collectibles, Michael Lewis said: "The New York Yankees is white hot right now."

So you might ask yourself why is there other plain silicone bracelets did not jumped on the silicone wristband wagon? Try to imagine just what number of Happy Meals McDonald`s might be able to actually sell with a gadget as a custom silly band shaped like the letter "M" for example? It may very be an expense choice to make or it may very well simply be a lack of knowledge. "I usually talk to many buyers for the most important retailers, and I am very surprise to notice just how many of them actually do not recognize these.", said Mr. Lewis.

Jackie Breyer which is the chief editor of the Toy Book magazine has agreed that this fashion is definitely hot. This, he think, is because of the combination of low costs, unspoken parental approval and widespread appeal, although she is not that certain about the licesing issue.

"Licesing (she was referring at the right kind of brands) will most likely kick things up if done appropriately. Disney Fairies and the Yankees, these will surely have a big increase in popularity if united with a fad like silly bands. But probably, they will not have the same appealing like the generic rubber band wristbands. For brightly colorful silicone rubber bandz is more easier to find demand. There are so many different children out there. They do not all the time want to flash those silly bandz out in the air, and that is because by simply wearing them they are simply saying "I like this" and they are leaving themselves opened for comment from other children."

But there are also disadvantages to this fashion. There are some schools which have restricted the usage of the rubber bandz because they believe the silly bands are distracting the children from studying. Even worst than this, sometimes silly bandz are used by children to snap each other. In the the New Jersey Moms blog, Alicia D. wrote an interesting post which was titled "Silly Band Fever Is Giving Me a Headache". Ms. Breyer said, "It is actually impossible to simply know how long a certain trend can last, but it is also true that school bans can easily put a small damper on this situation."

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