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Understanding The Baics of Silly Bracelets - part I

The last kid trend is increasing its popularity from state to state very fast aided by social media, newspapers or instant messaging. "Compared with what happened with Beanie Babies and Webkinz in our stores this phenomena of silicone bracelets is very different. That seen nothing compared with this." said a salesman for Hallmark, which was having a bit of a problem to keep these kind of silicone rubber bandz in stock. It seems like this phenomena has gone wild.

These silly bandz usually cost around $3 for a pack which contains 12 pieces and around $5 for a pack which contains 24 pieces. This brand has also a Facebook fan page with more than 140,000 fans all over the world, young ones of different ages and also a Twitter feed with over 1,500 followers. The company which created them had received a big national media boost when a very young girl that had got lost in the Everglades has mentioned something about them in her interview (Good Morning America). One of her good friends gave her a green frog when the girl returned to school.

It was not very long until brands got involved in all this. The marketer of Logo Bandz, Forever Collectibles immediately licensed brand names from the most important sports leagues to put on its products. CEO Michael Lewis said:"It is 100% viral and it is the number one product in country right now from sales point of view. The increase of the sales is accelerating on daily basis. For example, a random local store can sell 1,000 packs within an hour. And no advertising is needed, it is all word of the mouth. The New York Yankees pack is very hot right now. If a child has found it in his local store, in a matter of minutes he is texting his best friend that he found it. Like I said, no advertising is needed, which is probably the best part of this business."

The logo silly bands for Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League are being licensed by his company. The logo silly bands The National Basketball Association and the National Football League are also being licensed by his company. Logos for over 200 colleges all over the country are also being licensed by his company. Very soon it will also probably sell Disney or Marvel Comics licensed silly bands. There are almost finalized deals with Warner Bros. and Thomas the Tank Engine. Mr. Lewis also said that at present he sells over 500,000 licensed packs of silly bands on a daily basis, and he also expects as this increasing to not stop for a while as national retail partners like Walmart, Target and Kmart are also involved in these sales.

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