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Welcome to www.QualityBands.com!

We are China’s main silly bracelet manufacturer on the Internet, with a minimum order capacity of just 500 packs.

You may have heard of silly bracelets, they are colourful shaped bracelets which are made of non toxic silicone and moulded into many different shapes in a variety of colours.

So let’s look at the shapes Silly bracelets have to offer? An exciting array of shapes including a dollar sign, a heart, the sun, a dogs bone or a star plus many many more!

As they are a 100% silicone based, if they are bent or twisted, they will always return to their original state. This allows for maximum durability and also gives each silly band maximum longevity.

Silly Bandz can be worn, traded or just collected. Anybody can wear them from the ages of 5 – 95; nobody is too old for a silly band. Flick them, trade them, wear them around your wrist, use them as bracelets, or be selfish and collect them all. There are so many things you can do with Silly bracelets that you will not know what to do with them next!

So you could use them as gifts in party bags, or give them out to your staff at your office? Silly bracelets can act as a great morale booster for people of all ages.

If you have children, the chances are they have heard about silly bracelets, so why not ask them, what they think about silly bracelets.

We at www.QualityBands.com. offer the quickest turnaround and lowest prices on the Internet, so why not order today, we guarantee you will have a use for them!

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Cat shape silly bands
6 cats,24 bracelets per pack.
Minimum 500 packs.
Dog shape silly bands
6 dogs,24 bracelets per pack.
Minimum 500 packs.
Dinosaur shape silly bands
6 Dinosaurs,24 bracelets per pack.
Minimum 500 packs.
Animal shape silly bands
6 animals,24 bracelets per pack.
Minimum 500 packs.

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